Who am I? What is my Purpose?

Afterall, I'm just another human.

Do not let your struggles define you.
Use them as stepping stones to who you want to become.

Gender dysphoria has played, for better or for worse, a critical part in shaping my life. I am a human being who is prone to error. However, I am a loving father, loyal husband, and devoted Christian. The labels I give myself shape who I am. What I choose to do is driven by who I want to become.

My intention with writing is solely an emotional escape. It's a place for me to record my feelings in a safe, anonymous environment. While highly fantasized, most of these stories originate from personal struggles. Some stories are my own, while others may belong to different individuals.

I do not agree with many of the situations portrayed in these writings, and I encourage anyone within the influence of my voice to know you're not alone in these and similar struggles. Do not let your struggles define you. Use them as stepping stones to who you want to become.

Main Character



Taylor is the gender-dysphoric main character of the story. Caught in between high school and college, our tender-hearted friend often falls victim to his carnal nature. Despite his hermit-like habits, his happiest moments are wrapped up within his interactions with others.


Erin is Taylor's level-headed, yet patient, girlfriend. She is always driving Taylor to do his best, but she is always there to lift him when he falls. Sandwiched between her love for Taylor and her desire to pursue a career, Erin often finds herself sacrificing her plans which enables her to help others. When you don't find her with her family, she's probably hiding out inside a book (figuratively speaking, of course).

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Look-A-Like Invite

Published 6/1/2022

The party to start it all -- Taylor reintroduces himself to the realm of cross-dressing by accept an invitation to a campus Halloween party. The sleeping giant, planted by the traumas of Halloweens past, is finally awake.

  • Post-Trauma
  • Crossdressing

A Wet Bed

Published 6/6/2022

Not only is Taylor tormented by traumatic nightmares, but he discovers his brutal, subconscious method of dealing with such experiences. Waking in the night to soaked bedding sends Taylor spiraling into deep confusion.

  • Bedwetting
  • Crossdressing

Taylor's New Dress

Published 6/1/2022

Taylor spots a stunning dress in the local boutique, which would hyperextend his budget. Doing what any thrifty guy would do, he picks up the scissors and creates his own.

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Crossdressing